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After spending new year in Nottingham it was shared decision making and Vets before donning my frock as Dame Wilma Wetherspoon in ROBIN HOOD. Then more shared decision making and health behaviour change.

More cow problems with Vets and exams at UEA. Some Psych work at West Suffolk along with Death & Dying and Combined Skills at Addenbrookes. Then off to Thailand to see the in-laws for the first time in seven years.

Pysch Online and tennis elbow at ARU Chelmsford. Supporting WTC at Waltham Forest Drama Festival with my old team having no problems without me and winning the Festival with a superb debut play from Mark Easterfield.

News from Lazy Bee that ANNIVERSARY was performed in Ireland last year and will have a week run in the USA next July. Two weeks working on final exams for medical students with a VET OSCE thrown in for good measure using real animals for the first time! My team came second in the WTC quiz. 

More OSCEs at UEA. Appointed Assistant Director by Kattreya for WTC`s HOME, I`M DARLING and went on a scouting mission to watch the touring production at Cambridge Arts Theatre. Roleplay at Addenbrookes and trip to Epsom to film a PACE exam complete with an hour in make-up for post lung operation scar. Very enjoyable zoom HOME I`M DARLING readthrough.


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