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January 2022 

After a mega celebratory holiday which took up half of the month, I made my debut as follow spot operator with the Big Squirrel version of CINDERELLA for Waterbeach Theatre Company. The 2022 Roleplay season kicked off with a Health Behaviour Change session at Addenbrookes .

February 2022 

Checking my authors site on Concord I discovered DEPARTURE (rather aptly I suppose) had disappeared. I queried this and, after much transatlantic cooperation it seems, thanks to Abbie, DEPARTURE has now been fully restored along with my profile and photo updated. After over two years and two false starts we have finally started rehearsals for SUPERELLA which I am happily directing. We have begun with some great choreography from Steph Swan who is also playing our baddie Queen B. Roisin O`Shea makes a welcome addition to the Squirrel ranks taking over as the Prince. Versatile Tom Heritage makes his debut playing Dame and Kattreya leads the line as our hero. Plenty of roleplay work. Working with Physician Associates for the first time, exams at NNUH and a zoom breaking bad news for UEA. Combined Skills, Shared Decision Making and Health Behaviour Change at Addenbrookes. Breaking Bad News and Angry Farmer at Vet School.

March 2022

March starts with two consecutive trips to the Vet School displaying my full repertoire of cat, dog and cow owner roles. Medical roleplay back to pre-covid levels. I have been doing most of these roles for many years and often feel like a touring singer performing his greatest hits with the occasional number from the new album. Must be country & western though as all the songs are inevitably sad. Yet to perform a breaking good news track although this month I did have a cancelled Death & Dying session which was good news for the characters! However the following week I had a flat tyre in Norwich on a day I was told thirty times I only had six months to live so another track for the country and western singer songbook. First trip of the year to West Suffolk Hospital with four introductory roles including my favourite - Ron the verbose pub landlord. Self Harm, Depression  and Mania on Zoom. Month ends with a radio interview for SUPERELLA on Cambridge 105.

APRIL 2022

News from Lazy Bee that BARBECUE was performed by a youth group in Ireland and from Concord that BACKGROUND ARTIST was performed in London. The month has been dominated by the premiere of SUPERELLA. After slow ticket sales they picked up to more than expected with the production receiving rave reviews. The cast were amazing. I knew they were good but they took their characters to new levels. I was particularly proud of Tom playing Dame for the first time as he looked like a seasoned professional quickly gaining a great rapport with the audience. Roisin, making her Big Squirrel debut, was hilarious as the hapless prince and Steph reveled in her baddie role eliciting more than enough boos on every entrance. Kattreya, of course, held it all together with another barnstorming performance in the title role. I made my debut by operating both sound and lights. Thoughts now that we may take it to Edinburgh next year. Month ended with a week of physical examinations at Addenbrookes with my Hip, Knee and Diabetes getting a good going over. In between I had a zoom headache for Health England.

MAY 2022

Month starts with a pleasant long weekend along the Suffolk coast to celebrate Wanna`s birthday. Then to UEA for teaching session with 2nd years involving a farmer with a stroke and a teacher with DVT. Finished my Theatrical Memoirs and have received the printed result which I`m very happy with. It covers every production and performance of my forty five year `career` and is strictly for my family only. Called in for a physical examination for one student who missed the finals through illness. FOH duty for WTC`s production of CHESHIRE CATS. First ever trip to the unique Theatre Royal Bury St Edmunds to see an amateur production of A BUNCH OF AMATEURS. More conventional visits to the Cambridge Arts Theatre for BEAUTIFUL and CATCH ME IF YOU CAN.

JUNE 2022

Physical Exam resits start the month with plenty of knee action. Couple of zoom training sessions for upcoming exams. Visit to James Paget Hospital in Gorleston for the first time in many years with overnight stay in Great Yarmouth warding off gigantic seagulls.

JULY 2022

Deep into exam season with a week at Addenbrookes. Ending the academic year with two sets of exams at NNUH.


A few weeks away from roleplay before everything kicks off again with resits at the end of the month. Audition for an independent film. 


Roleplay work at Addenbrookes before off on a two week cruise to celebrate our thirty fourth wedding anniversary. Two powerful suicide roles on my return at UEA.


News from Lazy Bee that EIGHT SECONDS had three performances at the beginning of September in Truro.

Cast as Dame Wilma Wetherspoon in WTC`s panto Robin Hood. Rehearsals start next month.

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