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(formerly Samuel French)               (as Stephen Smith)

DEPARTURE  (1989)                           

Stranded in an airport lounge during the inevitable delay of a holiday flight to Spain, Rosemary - `I`m a one-parent family, you see` - and her carbon-copy, not-very-bright daughter, Mandy, draw the reluctant Dennis and Sheila Tippit into conversation. Sheila has suggested a holiday to try to right her ailing marriage; Rosemary is looking for a husband for Mandy. The comic tone of the play shifts continually between Rosemary`s malapropisms and Dennis` grimly humorous bigotry with the close of the play finding Rosemary unmoved by the chaos she has caused and Dennis near to a nervous breakdown.   

ONE-SIDED TRIANGLE (1994)              
In Northern Thailand, a region of enchantment and vice, Mike and Brian are waiting for Sarah. She is to bring a new passport for Mike to escape the country. But as soon as Mike has the passport, he seems reluctant to leave - and even more reluctant to pay. Instead, he wants Brian to courier herion for him to London. Brian needs the financial reward offered, but his flight would go via Singapore where the death sentence awaits those who are caught. Sarah urges him not to accept. Brian goes for a walk to think over his decision. During his absence, the true nature of the game is revealed, and the ending is sad and profound, its implications set to reverberate long after Brian`s fate becomes known.  Best New Play 1992 Letchworth Drama Festival.  

PARENTCRAFT  (1996)                              
Four expectant mothers and one father find themselves in a small hospital room awaiting the midwife who is to give them their first Parentcraft class. Differences in experience, outlook and classlead to some interesting and at time hilarious exchanges, as each of the five have to face, and come to terms with, the prejudices and foibles of their companions. An amazing revelation shocks them all - one of their number is not, in fact, going to be a parent at all! Amusing, thought-provoking and with five good acting parts, PARENTCRAFT is an ideal play for festivals.

BACKGROUND ARTISTE  (2000)               
Mary decides to spice up her life and join Alfredo Leache`s Background Artistes Agency. But spending just a short time in the office Mary learns that being a walk-on artiste isn`t all glamour. She faces the eccentric, elderly couple Walter and Enid, who pepper their speech with malapropisms, but later reveal their surprising identity; secretary Jessica, who ceaselessly acts out her ambition to be an air hostess; and Alfred, the tireless boss who works hard for his actors against all odds. Full of playful and lively repartee, this humorous play should be an ideal festival choice. 

ON LOCATION  (2002)                                  
From the author of the popular BACKGROUND ARTISTE comes this hilarious companion piece which focuses on the zany world of the movie extra. Novice Mary is sent to the fil shootof a dubious sci-fi movie. At the early-morning call in a church hall-cum-film crew canteen, she is initiated by the seasoned pros, morose Malcolm and camp Roddy, but with the arrival of wealthy, eccentric Victoria, matters become decidedly wacky. Can Samantha with her clipboard keep everyone in check, on cue, in costume - and disentangle her love life? The play can be performed by itself or as a double bill with BACKGROUND ARTISTE. 

PENALTY (2003)                                      
In a hotel room in Azerbaijan, Howard wakes up with a monster hangover. Proffering English tea and sympathy is ministry official, Yellena. Slowly, it emerges that Howard, who is to refree an important international football match, has disgraced himself the previous evening at a dinner to welcome the UEFA officials. Or has he? Yellena plays Howard like a fish, first cajoling then trying to blackmail him into agreeing to award a penalty to the Azerbaijan team at the evening`s match. And just when Howard thinks he`s in control, Yellena springs another surprise ...... 
Best New Play  2002 Cambridge & Letchworth Drama Festivals. 


EIGHT SECONDS  (Originally published by Jasper Publishing in 2008)
A comedy drama about communications skills. GP Lydia is new to the area and left in charge while the senior partner is away on a course.  An old style interrupting locum, Gordon, is drafted in as cover and consequently gets the wrong end of the stick with every patient before Lydia uses her communication skills to get to the root of each problem.  Self contained or can be presented in a double bill with BARBECUE.

BARBECUE (Originally published by Jasper Publishing in 2008) 
Local GP Lydia and her psychiatrist husband Mark are hosting a house warming barbecue  for their oddball set of neighbours. As with EIGHT SECONDS, this is an entertaining mix of comedy, giving rise to genuine belly laughs, and pathos showing the fragility of human nature. Best New Play 2006 Sawston Drama Festival. It is self contained but can be performed as a double bill with EIGHT SECONDS as it is set one week later.   

PSYCHIC BABBLE (Originally published by Jasper Publishing in 2009)
A comedy for four women and one man that leaves the audience wondering if Jim is a true psychic or just a confidence trickster. With a female cast spanning three generations it is set in the bar of a small country hotel on quiz night.   Jim boasts his psychic powers will provide the answers and his new girlfriend Sandra fully believes him but her friend Vera is more sceptical and elderly Marjorie is just pleased for the night out. When teenager Donna discovers the questions Jim`s answers sound completely bizarre, but are they? Once again Stephen Scheurer-Smith  creates a host of colourful characters full of humour and witty one-liners alongside an underlying drama about emerging personal tragedies and some less than honourable motivations to provide a very enjoyable and fun play. 

ONE MISTAKE (Originally published by Jasper Publishing in 2009)
A drama for two women and one man that creates a rollercoaster of emotions culminating in the shocking discovery of the `one mistake`  that has changed all three lives. A barman,  a nightclub singer and her daughter are hiding dark secrets, their present lives burdened by loneliness caused by past tragedies, betrayal and repressive guilt. However, as with all Stephen Scheurer-Smith plays, it also has it`s fair share of humour and witty one-lners. Winner of the 2008 Cambridge Drama Festival. Self contained or can be performed as a double bill with PSYCHIC BABBLE as they are both set in the same small country hotel bar over a weekend. 

ARRIVAL (2013)
Kevin and Anne Williams return from an evening function to find Anne`s brother asleep in the back garden. When a young policewoman arrives on the scene her subsequent questioning exposes dark secrets in their seemingly settled lives. Self Contained but also the first part of the BIRTHS, DEATHS & MARRIAGES trilogy that covers two years in the lives of the Williams family.

ONCOLOGY ( 2013)
Comedy drama set in in a clinic where Edna Williams and her daughter Miriam wait for the results of a recent test, surrounded bu a madcap collection of patients and vrelatives who have an underlying serious story to tell.  Self Contained but also second part of the BIRTHS, DEATHS & MARRIAGES trilogy that covers two years in the lives of the Williams family. 

ANNIVERSARY (2013)     
Kevin Williams decides to celebrate his 25th Wedding Anniversary by recreating the wedding reception but his plans start to unravel with the arrival of his drunken brother Keith. 2010 Best New Play Sawston Drama Festival and runner-up Best Play at the Cambridge Drama Festival. Self Contained but also the final part of the BIRTHS, DEATHS & MARRIAGES trilogy that covers two years in the lives of the Williams family.


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